January 06, 2011


On January 3rd I declared this month NO SPEND JANUARY SAVE-UARY.  This means, no spending money on anything I don't actually need, or that is not a bill/required expense.  So far, the only things I've bought with my disposable income in January (we're not including New Years, people) are $8 on Firehouse Subs (pre-NO SPEND JANUARY  SAVE-UARY plan) and a footlong Subway that I split into two meals.  Thats only $3 a meal!

It's only been about a week into January, and it's a little hard but it's a good feeling.  It feels like a diet cleanse, where you go without eating carbs or fat or sugar...or solid food altogether... for a certain amount of time.  Only this is money, not food.  It's refreshing to know I don't HAVE to spend money every day to entertain myself or enjoy life.

If anyone else wants to try this with me, let me know!  We can inspire/support each other!


Meg said...

This is a great resolution. I need to do this as well! Lots of times I find myself buying things (or food) out of boredom! That's no reason to spend good money! I will try and follow in your footsteps. Thanks for some good inspiration!

Dixiejet said...

Gonna try and do this with you ! What an inspiration you are !

Melissa said...

Wow I had no idea I was inspiring people! Thanks ladies that makes me feel amazing! :)

*ashley* said...

defintely goigng to do this with you...i feel like i do this any way haha...i know next weekend will be a liiiittle off but other than that, i'm in...

im so big on coupon clipping, its insane...most of the stuff i buy as far as groceries is with coupons unless its something i really need/want and i don't have one

i make my lunch for work and i usually cook myself dinner

i keep my lights off when i'm not home and keep my heater on low unless i really get cold.

I also pay all my bills on time so that i don't get late fees or into any of that mess