December 17, 2010

Beware of Chase Service Fees!

So I got the Chase checking/savings accounts a couple months back.  I've been finding out that they have some hidden fees that they don't warn you about before signing up!  

First, I got charged a $4.00 service fee to my savings account for not having either a $300 minimum balance or not having a $25/month auto transfer.  I called up, and got the fee waived (about a month ago). 

Today, I got charged a $6.00 YES SIX DOLLAR service fee to my checking account for not having a direct deposit OR having 5+ transactions in my account per month.  I called up, and they waived the fee, and from now on I'll be using the card a little more.

I'm just annoyed that they didn't warn me ahead of time of these fees.  They just CHARGE you and hope you don't notice!  It's like, if you get the $100 bonus, they're just gonna take it back through the hidden fees.  After the 6 months of me using these accounts (you have to keep it that long in order to keep your $100) I'll probably close it down.  I've never had any of these problems with Wachovia/Wells Fargo.

I wanted to take this time to thank for alerting me that they charged me.  Please, I urge all of you to use  It is amazing!  


*ashley* said... is seriously a lifesaver sometimes..i'l be writing them up on mine too, and linking you up of so sick of fees and stuff from SO many places...hidden fees are the worst..glad you got that waived! ugh so frustrating!!

*ashley* said...

as far as hosting giveaways...that company..i think realized that i entered a bunch of giveaways for their stuff previously and contacted me..i bet you could contact them and they'd let you host..i can give you the email if you want...i also use business to blogger wihch you already have, but ihaven't gotten anything from them yet