January 03, 2011

No Spend January

This month I shall call NO SPEND JANUARY.  I mean, obviously I'll be spending money.  I have to pay rent, drive, eat, pay electricity, cable (which I just reduced today by $20/month), pay bills, and other fixed expenses.  But I am making every effort possible NOT to
  • Eat out at restaurants
  • Buy drinks at bars
  • Shop for clothes, makeup, and other things I don't really need
  • Drive places I don't need to go to (because it eats up gas)
Things I CAN DO in the meantime:
  • Workout outside or my apartment complex's gym
  • Eat at Casa de Melissa
  • Watch movies that I own
  • Work
  • Work on my blog
  • Draw
  • Browse other blogs, read up on other frugalistas' opinions
  • Visit with friends without spending money
Any other tips on keeping yourself busy without spending money?  It's harder than you'd think!


Gina Alfani said...

You sound like me . . . I'm glad you found and followed by food blog! I love your blog and am following you back :)

Eating out is one of the biggest money wasters . . . Casa de Gina's food is much better than anything I can get in a restaurant.

My man takes leftovers to work for lunch . . . I also pack up lots of snacks and drinks for him so he can avoid those expensive vending machines.

I can't tell you the last time we went to a movie or even rented a movie . . . cable is expensive enough and provides all the movies and entertainment we need.

I plan my shopping and errands away from home once a week or every two weeks so I don't waste gas running out every time I need something.

The computer keeps me busy . . . my blogs, my website, bloghopping, playing games . . . otherwise, I keep busy with all types of crafts and gardening. I love yard art . . . using items I'd throw away and find a use for them in the garden . . . the crafty part is making them pretty.

You don't need money to make you happy and entertained . . . just a vivid imagination.

Love this post!

Have an awesome day . . . Gina

Miss M said...

Following you back ! Great idea ;)

Thanks for following!