January 06, 2011

Thursdays are Walk-to-WorksDays

Every Thursday at work, we are provided a catered lunch.  I live 0.5 miles away from my office.  It would only be logical that I would walk to work every day. 

I've been lazy about it for a while now and have decided it's time to walk to work at least once a week. 

The perfect day to do this is Thursday!  Usually, I drive to my apartment every day to eat lunch since I live so close and can eat for free (once I've already bought my groceries of course).

I walked last Thursday, and I walked today.  I want to make this a ritual,and maybe even start incorporating other days. 

It's healthy, and it saves gas!  I know gas is negligible when you live .5 miles away, but it still eats up a little over time every time you turn your engine on and off.

Let the New Year's Resolutions begin!

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