January 03, 2011

Getting Used to this "Blogging" Thing

Thanks to my blog-experienced friend Ashley, I'm just starting to get the hang of this blogging thing.  I mean, I know how to post posts, and I know how to design and manage my blog.  But the real question is how to get a following?  You could be writing the most amazing content in the world, but with no one reading it...does it truly exist?  It essentially has no value if no one is reading.  It would be like a high budget film that no one ever watched.

Ashley (of Go Get Smashed) introduced me to the amazing world of blog hops.  I've been joining a couple of these, and following bloggers that I find there.  It's a lot of fun, and I'm finding great content on so many blogger's websites!  I love reading about people's experiences, and I also am a fan of product reviews.  My FAVORITE thing of course is giveaways.  I'm really starting to get addicted to them!  Is it unhealthy?  Probably not...but you can never be too careful!

It's also important for me to get used to blogging, because it is a way to understand my "clients".  For my job, I actually give away products for reviews and giveaways (BuildASign.com) to bloggers.  This is not only a way to understand bloggers, but to reach them as well.  For all bloggers who are reading this, and are interested in some free custom products, feel free to comment or email me!!

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Alissabeth said...

Thanks for the follow! Following you back.