April 12, 2011

Lean Cuisine Chicken Pot Stickers Review

I made a quick stop at HEB this evening and picked up a few new things to try out.  One of these was one of those new steam-in-the-bag Lean Cuisine Market Creations Chicken Pot Stickers.  First, I'm going to run down the nutrition facts so that you know what you're getting:

Calories               270
Fat                       6g
Fiber                    5g
Protein                11g
Sodium                750mg
Carbohydrates   42g

Weight Watchers PointsPlus 7   (for those of you on WW)

About the Market Creations
These meals are a bit different from the normal TV dinners we're all used to.  Instead of a plastic container, these come in a steaming bag.  It's single serve, for those of us who like to cook for one (me!!).  You have to use your own dish, but I actually prefer that as it improves the eating experience.

Maybe Add Something Extra?
Now, these are meant for dinner, and that's the meal that I ate them in.  I also ate a spring mix salad with shredded carrots, avocado, crab stick, and Annie's Goddess dressing.  I think that's totally fine, since neither part of the meal had too many calories.  With both this and the salad, I am definitely full.  I'm pretty sure I'd still be hungry with only the potstickers.  That's my only con to this frozen dinner.

So how does it taste?  
I have to say, this is definitely a new favorite of mine.  It's slightly more expensive than the other Lean Cuisine meals, but only by a few cents, and tastes a ton better.  The potstickers tasted like REAL potstickers.  It also had crunchy water chestnuts, edamame beans, green beans, red peppers, and carrots in a sweet chili ginger soy sauce.  The veggies tasted crunchy and fresh, not soggy and mushy like most frozen meal veggies do.

My Rating?  

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*ashley* said...

I was wondering about these...they sound so good!