February 25, 2011

DealSwarm: Another Great Group Buy Company

Today I came across a deal I couldn't resist--$25 for $50 to Uchi or Uchiko in Austin.  For those not from Austin, or those who are unaware, Uchi is and has been the best restaurant in the city for many years.  Uchiko is Uchi's sister restaurant.  They both serve amazing Japanese food and sushi.  I had one of those "Oh My God" experiences after eating their salmon sashimi.  So to find a deal this amazing was way too hard to pass up.  So I bought 2!!

You can only use one per visit, so I'll be using one at Uchi and one at Uchiko.

To those who aren't in Austin, I'm just going to suggest this website anyways since there are other great deals in other cities as well.  For example, Atlanta has 50% off admisssion to STOMP at the Fox.  Dayton has 50% off a manicure, and Seattle has $1 for $10 to Skillet (WOW! $1? That's ridiculous!!)

Anyways, go check out DealSwarm and see if they have something awesome to offer your city!

Oh and here's a picture of Uchi in Austin:

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*ashley* said...

going to check this out for dallas.annd can we go to this place when i come visit you?