January 08, 2011

Training Day #3

What if you had this as your scenery only a few miles away?  Well I do!  This is Town Lake, where hundreds of runners, walkers, and cyclists come every day to be active and nature watch.  This morning I decided I would add a nice change of scenery to my training schedule (for the Capitol 10K), and  jog/walk a 5K around this lovely part of Austin.

It is so much more enjoyable to be active and exercise when your gym is the beauty of nature mixed with the glory of downtown Austin Texas.  Let's see, I jogged/walked 1 mile on the treadmill in my fitness room, but I jogged/walked 3.2 miles outside.  I CAN go the distance, I just need the motivation.  And what better motivation than living in a city with a skyline like that, a lake right beside you, and 55 degree weather?  

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