January 15, 2011

Update #2 on No Spend Save-uary

This week I was tempted a few times to cheat on No Spend Save-uary. And I did fall for it. I still haven't gone shopping (besides for groceries).

Spending this week:
-Tuesday Lunch: $5.40 for a Subway sandwich that lasted me two meals (not bad!)
-Wednesday Night: $7.50 for a Pei Wei pad thai bowl...also lasted me two meals (still not bad!)
-Friday Lunch: $8.00 for a Mighty Fine burger meal (guilt starting to kick in)
-Friday Night: $20.00 for a fancy sushi dinner (super guilt, but so worth it)

I'd say overall, I didn't do TOO bad. But it wasn't a "No Spend" week. It's harder than it looks!

This week, I'm already planning on spending around $10.00 for a lunch on Tuesday with some ladies from work. Other than that, I'm back to groceries for meals (hopefully!). The trick is to buy foods you actually will eat! I know it sounds simple, but it's really not. Sometimes I'll buy things and eventually get sick of it. Anyone else?

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