January 04, 2011

An Amazing Comment

A new friend/follower Gina Alfani posted an awesome comment on my last post "No Spend January".  I wanted to share with everyone her tips on being frugal and spending less money overall!

On restaurants vs. homemade meals
"Eating out is one of the biggest money wasters . . . Casa de Gina's food is much better than anything I can get in a restaurant."

On Entertainment:
"I can't tell you the last time we went to a movie or even rented a movie . . . cable is expensive enough and provides all the movies and entertainment we need."

On saving gas:
"I plan my shopping and errands away from home once a week or every two weeks so I don't waste gas running out every time I need something."

Best words of advice:
"You don't need money to make you happy and entertained . . . just a vivid imagination."

Thanks Gina!  Very inspiring!

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