March 25, 2011

Now You Can Accept Credit Cards!

This device is going to change everything you know about money and getting paid.  Now, anyone can accept credit cards.  Do you run a very small business?  Do you sell things like crafts at shows or food at farmer's markets?  Or, do you just want a simple way for your buddy to pay you back that $5 she owes you?  SquareUp is your answer.  Just download the app, connect the device, and then people can pay you with the swipe of a credit card!

Get this SquareUp device for FREE by going to this website:  Just know that you'll be paying a 3% fee on all charges, just like most businesses.  So what are you waiting for?  Get one for free and test it out!

I just ordered mine.  I don't have a smartphone, but I should be getting one come April since I can renew my contract then.  So excited!!

Just got a smartphone--the MyTouch 4G--read about it in the blog post above ^^

I'll be updating with a new blog post and "review" once the Square comes in :D

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KT bug said...

also great for drug dealers