March 11, 2011

New SmartyPig Account

Not too long ago, I set up a SmartyPig savings account.  This bank is a bit different from most, in that it's A. fun to use B. has a high yield % rate and C. concentrates on savings goals for the future.  You can choose to save up for things like a wedding, a home, a car, or even something like an iPad.  One of the really cool features is that you can refer friends and make $10 per friend, up to 100 friends.  I referred my friend to it since she had been asking me where to save, and I suggested it.  And guess what?  I made $10 off that toward my goal!

Now, I have several different bank accounts.  I have a checking and a Way2Save at Wachovia, a checking and a savings account at Chase, and now a SmartyPig account!  My Way2Save is my backup savings that I can quickly get to.  I have about $900 in there, but I'm saving that for a trip to Ireland in July.  My goal with the SmartyPig is to save up $1000 as a legit emergency fund.  I want something that I can't touch, in case something bad happens.  I want to pretend like it doesn't exist.  I want to save $1000 in one year, and am doing so by contributing about $80/month to it.

Check out the little gadget on my sidebar to the right.  It's actually in case people want to "contribute" to my fund.  Now, I don't expect anyone reading this to do so...but hey I won't stop you either haha!

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