March 09, 2011

Dry Cleaning is Not Frugal or Cheap

Want to know what's NOT frugal OR cheap?  Dry cleaning.  I shiver when I hear those two words.  I haven't done it in at least a year, but I had a pile of professional clothes (which I don't have to wear to work) building up in my closet.  I also had a couple dresses that can't be thrown in the washer unfortunately.  I've just been dreading it and dreading it for a long time.

Today was the day (okay, so Monday was the day but who's counting) that I took the pile to the dry cleaners.  I gave them 7 pieces to launder, and 3 pieces to dry clean.  Guess what the total came to?  About FIFTY DOLLARS!  $50 for 10 pieces of clothing.  I could have gotten a new outfit at Forever 21 for that amount of money!

Now, if you just launder clothing, it's about $2.50 a pop.  Not so bad.  But those 3 dry clean items will get you--$11.50 each!!  I was in shock.  What are they doing, gluing diamonds on my dresses?

I'm considering buying this little *gem* over to the left called Dryel.  At-Home Dry Cleaning Start Kit.  Now THAT'S what I need to keep my pretty clothes clean, and my wallet full.

Has anyone else used Dryel before and have any advice?  Is it good?  Bad?  Let me know!

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