May 10, 2011

Gas Prices are Ridiculous

I'm sure it's no new concept that gas prices have been outrageous lately.  I just wanted to vent that I just spent over $50 to not even fill my entire gas was about 13 gallons while my Jeep has a 17 gallon tank.  It angers me that I can't even fill my gas tank with $50 of my hard-earned money.  There is no logical reason for this, especially since gas companies have been more profitable than ever lately.  Need proof?

This just makes me sick, and I don't see any sign of relief.  Oil is a necessity for the majority of people who need to get around, go to work, make a living...why aren't there any regulations on cost of oil?  Food stamps are provided to those who need food, why not the same for those who need gas to get to work so they can actually make the money they need to live?


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