May 06, 2011

Cash-Only May Challenge Update

So it's been about a week into May, and I altered my plan just a little bit.  I ended up not being able to hit up the ATM until yesterday, so until then I used my check card.  I spent about $70 on my check card ($40 of which went to Mother's Day present).  Then, I took out $300 yesterday in cash to start my cash-only challenge.

  • I spent $11 on cupcakes (buy 1 get 4 free so I got 15 total and paid for 3)
  • I spent $10 at Chuy's today for lunch (Seis de Mayo?)
  • $5 on Mother's Day card
I also plan on going to a bar tonight, so my money may run away again.  Looks like I'm now down to $274 for the rest of the month.  Think I can do it?  I hope so!

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