May 09, 2011

Boot Camp!

I wanted to drift from my usual "frugal" schedule to talk about something I've been doing a lot lately.  On Monday April 25, I started going to boot camp.  Thanks to Groupon, I only paid $59 (when it is usually about $160/month) to join.  This particular boot camp is called Camp Gladiator, and is located in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Shreveport.  

I go Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:30-7:30AM.  I have to wake up at 5:45 instead of my usual 8:00.  That's not easy! And neither is Camp Gladiator.  Signature workouts include planks, Johnny-C's, burpees, squats, lunges, running, and more.  We also do a lot of buddy and team work which is great for motivation.  The image below is one of the games we've played, up-cone/down-cone.  One team tries to knock down all the cones, while the other picks them up.  You can see me below circled in red.

And here I am again, probably doing some kind of plank hold or pushup.  CG is kind enough to take pictures of us while we look our absolute worst, but I posted these for your enjoyment.  
Unfortunately, I had to miss CG last Wed and Fri due to an ankle-twisting incident, but I'm better now and am really happy to have gone back today.  I actually missed it, even though it kicks my butt every time.  I feel a lot better the rest of the day after working out.  Last week I actually felt kind of gross and lazy.  Only down side?  I am ravenously hungry on workout days.

I'm on week 3, and after 4 weeks I will report back on if I decide to continue paying for this.  I'm actually afraid for my frugal self that I may like it too much to quit!

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*ashley* said...

when i had strep, i started getting really depressed because I couldn't work out..gross and lazy too..glad your ankle is feeling better..still liking boot camp?