February 01, 2011

No Spend Saveuary is Over

January for me was called "No Spend Saveuary" since I planned to do my best not to spend money on frivolous things like shopping, restaurants, bars, entertainment etc.  I wanted to focus all my spending on fixed expenses, since I have a ridiculous medical bill hanging over my head.  I'm also trying to save money in my emergency funds.  So what was my spending breakdown?

Outside of fixed expenses, I spent:

  • Shopping--$128 ($60 toward my party dress for the wedding, $50 toward new sheets, $15 toward donating to my friends' band The Eastern Sea)
  • Restaurants & Bars--$140 (this includes an expensive bottle of wine and new years)
  • Entertainment--$0
That is according to Mint.com.  There were probably a few expenses here and there with cash, but those are harder to keep track of.  I also want to mention that I spent about $50 more on groceries than I usually do, to compensate for not eating out.

All in all, I didn't completely cut out discretionary spending, that would be impossible and not to mention embarrassing.  When people want to go out and get food or drinks, I hate turning it down for budget reasons.  Instead, I just choose the cheap things on the menu and avoid getting drinks.

I am actually going to try to start over in February, which should be easier since it's a shorter month.

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