February 01, 2011

My BigFunny Valentine

Last Friday, I got something very fun and silly sitting on my doorstep.  I was very excited about receiving this special package, since it's my very first review product!  If you read about a week ago, I ordered a giant Valentine from BigFunnyCards.com.  Now, Valentines aren't the only cards you can get from BigFunnyCards.com.  You can get Anniversary cards, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Boxer, Christmas, Father's Day, Graduation, Get Well, and many more.

Here is what the "envelope" looks like.  I wrote "To Andrew; Love Melissa":

Here is the other side of the envelope...how cute!

Open it up, and here's the big Valentine, shaped like a chocolate heart candy box:

Look closer, and you'll see a bunch of adjectives (in mirror image form) that say Sweet, Funny, Sexy, Hero, Smart, Hot, Handsome, etc. At the bottom it says Hmm..So Many Choices...

Inside the card, I chose for it to say: Good thing you are all of these!  I Love You, Melissa; Happy Valentine's Baby! Just thought I'd get you a ridiculously big card to show how ridiculously much I love you.  Cheesy? Yes.  Cute? Totally.

 I am so excited to give A this Valentine.  He's going to think it's so silly that it's adorable.  I hope he doesn't read my blog before February 14!

I have to say I definitely recommend trying out BigFunnyCards.com.  It's a lot fun, you get to customize your card (including images, text, etc.) and there are tons of designs to choose from.

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