February 24, 2011

HEB Almond Milk Review (Chocolate Edition)

I went to HEB yesterday (the best, cheapest grocery stores in Texas), and once again they had the deal for $1.00 off HEB brand Almond Milk.  I was running low on the Original flavor, and decided I needed more for my daily cereal breakfasts.  Then, I remembered that I wanted to try the Chocolate flavor too.  I figured, why not?  They would only be about $1.50 each, so $3.00 for it all.

When I got home, I was already excited to try it out (which is how I usually am about new groceries that I try).  I poured myself a little cup and was very pleased.  No, it does not taste exactly like Promised Land or Horizon chocolate milk (nor should it, since that probably has 250+ calories per cup).  However, it's still very delicious.  I ended up drinking a cup for dessert after dinner.  It's rich, thick, creamy, and sweet.  It's very different tasting from the original flavor, as the chocolate masks the "almondy" taste.

Once again, I recommend trying this if you don't have a fear of dairy substitutes.

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Jimbo said...

Watch out with the chocolate almond milk. 120 calories per serving as opposed to 40 for the unsweetened vanilla variety. Treat it as dessert.