December 05, 2010

Wow I've gone over a month without updating...

Sorry if anyone is reading this--I completely have been slacking off and not updating this blog.  I do have an update though on the Chase deal I got.

Sooo a few weeks ago I got an alert from (thank you Mint I love you!) telling me that I got charged a fee.  Turns out, Chase charges you a fee for having a savings account...$4.00 a month to be exact!  That is ridiculous!  Don't try and lure me in with your free money and then try to take it away from me!  The catch is, you have to either have a balance of $300 in your savings, or an automatic transfer of $25/month into your savings account.  This is so that the bank can use your money when you're not.  Otherwise, they charge you fees...just for HAVING your money there.  So ridiculous.  I don't want $300 in that savings account, so right now I'm just transferring $25 a month into it from the checking.  I'll also take random checks that I get and put it in there, just so I don't touch it.  Wells Fargo/Wachovia is my primary account, and it will remain that way.  Sorry Chase.

Although, Chase does have an awesome feature where you can just slip your check into the ATM machine like a vending machine takes your dollars and automatically deposit them.  SO cool.

Moral of the story is, I am now using Chase as a "No touching allowed" bank, but depositing checks in there for a rainy day.

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