December 29, 2010

Arte y Chocolate

This is a product review for Arte y Chocolate.  I was not paid or given anything to write this review.

For Christmas, of the 3 things A (my amazing boyfriend) decided to give me, one of them was a delicious box of chocolate (the other two were New Moon and a wine saver...he knows me too well).  I believe he got it from the Armadillo Bazaar in Austin, Texas.  The chocolates can be found on  At first glance, the box is very simple.  A light Tiffany blue, with a sticker on the box saying "Arte Y Chocolate" with their ingredients and website.

Inside, you find a beautiful assortment of dark chocolate truffles.  The box includes a PB & Honey, Raspberry, Amaretto Walnut, Candied Orange Peel & Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and a Chocolate Dipped Graham Cracker.  They are all so beautiful, with designs or toppings.  They are all unique shapes like a teardrop or swirly.  So far, I have tried the PB & Honey, Raspberry, Orange Peel, and the Graham Cracker.  The raspberry was my favorite so far, with a delicious melty raspberry center.

I'm very excited to dip into the rest, but I'd feel a little guilty about eating the whole box.

All in all, I would say that I give Arte Y Chocolate an A+.  Try them out if you ever are in Austin, TX and have a craving for chocolate!

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