September 01, 2011

Sober Saving Slim-down September

Anyone remember "No-Spend Saveuary"?  Well, this month it's going to be similar but a triple threat!  My good friend D told me she's going on this reverse binge called "Sober Saving Slim-down September."  I think it's an awesome idea!  Basically, no alcohol-drinking (or as little as possible), no extraneous spending outside of pre-made budget (already taken care of in my handy dandy account), as well as working out and eating right to slim down.  Not to mention sober and slimming down go hand in hand--alcohol has so many useless calories it's not even funny.

Things I must drink/spend money at:

  • Wild Frontier Fest (Sept 10th)
  • BuildASign Talent & Art Show (Sept 11th)
  • Austin City Limits Festival (Sept 17th)
  • Elaine Greer's show at the Mohawk (Sept 22nd)
Outside of those events, I'm going to do my best to bring my lunch, drink water, and work out like crazy.

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